AKC + A Pleines Mains Charity Sale

May 5, 2020

Awesome Kids Club + A Pleines Mains Charity Sale

We were honored to partner up again with A Pleines Mains, a China based charity that helps work at local levels to provide targeted assistance and lasting improvement to the lives of the most deprived people in China.

我们很荣幸再次与A Pleines Mains”法爱公益“合作,它们是一家总部在中国的慈善机构,致力于当地公益事业,为中国最贫困人群的生活提供有针对性的帮助和持久改善。


A couple weeks ago, we had the privilege to have A Pleines Main set up at our location on Anfu Lu for a charity sale. Here are a couple photos from the event. Thank you to everyone who came out!


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