Christmas Baking at Fotile Style!

May 7, 2020

Awesome Christmas Baking at Fotile Style!

We were so thrilled to be able to go in to the beautiful, museum-like setting of Fotile Style on Taojiang Lu and get messy! We had so much fun baking cookies with our awesome families in their state of the art kitchens!

我们很高兴能够来到位于桃江路上美丽的,像博物馆一样的Fotile Style方太生活家,并且把那里弄得“一团乱”!我们在他们最先进的厨房里与我们很棒的家庭一起烘烤饼干,实在是太有趣啦!

Thanks to all of our amazing families who helped make the holiday season even brighter for us at Awesome Kids Club!

感谢所有来参加活动的家庭,你们是最棒的!因为你们,孩子们在Awesome Kids Club度过了更加美好的假期!

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