Awesome Summer Camp 2019 Recap

May 25, 2020

What an amazing summer! Thank you to everyone that joined us that helped make Summer 2019 special!

Wow! What an amazing summer it has been! We can’t believe it’s already over. We have been running summer camps since 2011 and we can honestly say this was the most fun and educational camp that we have had so far! 哇!这是多么美好的一个夏天!我们无法相信它已经结束了。自2011年以来,AKC一直致力于举办高质量的夏令营,而我们可以负责任地说,这是迄今为止最有趣和最有教育意义的一次! We would sincerely like to thank all of the awesome families that entrusted us with their little ones over the summer. We take that responsibility very seriously and we are honored that you chose to spend your summer with us. 我们真诚地感谢所有在这个夏天相信AKC,并将小宝贝们托付于我们的众多家庭。我们深感责任重大,也很荣幸您选择与我们共度这美好的夏天。 For those heading off to school, we wish you the absolute best year full of learning and happiness. We hope to see you again for our upcoming camps too! 对于进入幼儿园的孩子们,我们祝愿你们在接下来的一年中享受学习和快乐,更希望在下一次的假期营中再次见到你们! Here’s a little recap of the last few weeks of our Awesome Summer Camp! 下面请欣赏最近两周在嘉庭STCC和AKC静安中心的夏令营的精彩照片!
Science and Tech Week at Jing’an
Science and Tech Week at STCC
A Celebration of Nations at Jing’an
A Celebration of Nations at STCC

We are back to our normal schedule at Awesome Kids Club with our daycare at The Summit and at our Jing’an location. We have a few spaces left for our program so feel free to contact us to set up a trial class to see what we do throughout the year!


We will also begin our Awesome Weekend Camps soon so there’s lots to look forward to!


Thank you all for a wonderful summer!


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