About US

What makes awesome Kids club so awesome?

About Us

We have been a part of our community since 2011 and since then, our main goals have been to provide high-quality education and camps delivered in a fun, play-based approach. We believe hands-on learning is the most important part of the classroom and we create our curriculum and camps to achieve that goal.

We believe that a rich and full relationship with child, parent and educators is equally important to ensure that children are happy and fulfilled. We want to be an extension of your family, one that you feel comfortable with sharing these wonderful moments in your child’s development and one in which we are just as excited when they reach these milestones as you would be!

our awesome values

Our philosophical beliefs are:

1、All children have the right to be nurtured, respected and embraced as competent 

2、Children construct knowledge by active participation with materials and the environment

3、Purposeful play is when children learn through the process of their efforts

4、Children should be guided through both child and teacher planned activities that are purposeful and enhance children’s skills in all areas of development

5、It is necessary to emphasize the development of the “whole child” with a focus on promoting social, emotional, cognitive and physical development

6、Assesment of children should be on-going, reflective of children’s experiences and occur within the context of daily classroom activities

7、Collaboration between families and teachers supports the development of the child

8、The role of the adults in the environment is to reflect the philosophy of the program.

Our play-based program‘s philosophical principles are based upon current best practices for educating young children, knowledge of child development, and theories of child behavior.

our awesome approach

High Quality Teaching and Learning

Themes and curriculum that will ensure children learn and play using topics such as the environment, living things, community, sustainable food and much more!

Well-trained, caring teachers and staff

Awesome Kids Club has a staff that is well-trained and experienced with education in the classroom and outside of it.

Diversified Activities

Creating diversified activities helps to foster a life long love of learning that helps prepare them for their future schools


Closely monitored play in our 500 SQM play area with an attentive staff

International Setting

Bilingual, international staff and students working together to reach a common goal of having an AWESOME time.

Parent | Teacher Communication

Our teachers send daily updates so parents can keep up to date with activities in the classroom to help them practice at home as well.

Come see what makes us awesome!

Safety, happiness and education. We strive to deliver a program that would make you and your family proud.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family in to our awesome family.

A message from our director

When we founded Awesome Kids Club in 2011, it was with the vision and passion to bring something totally unique and awesome to the Shanghai Community. Our goal remains the same: providing a fun, educational experience for our awesome little ones to set the foundations for a lifetime love of learning.

From our holiday camps, after-school programs, parties, family friendly events and daycare, our goal remains the same: providing a fun, educational experience for our awesome little ones to set the foundations for a lifetime love of learning.

We are proud and thankful for the incredible support we’ve received from our community and will continue to provide high-quality, exciting activities to expand their knowledge base and prepare them for kindergarten and the years to come.

Awesome Kids Club combines the excitement of a play center with the educational structure of a top-notch daycare to ensure that our kids come to school every day with a big smile on their face!

We will always continue to innovate, implementing best practices from around the world while stressing the importance of happiness and structured play as a vital part of a child’s development.

We love being a part of your child’s life and still find it incredible seeing them reach huge milestones in their life. We are extremely proud of being part of your family and we are eternally grateful for the opportunity. We love you, we love Shanghai and we love our awesome kids!